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"Welcome home", River!
Lorna Smith

When Denise Fairweather, owner of fairweather house & gallery in Seaside, began displaying photography by Neal Maine and Michael Wing - a partnership they call PacficLight Images in August 2012, she had no idea how enthusiastic the response would be.

“Sometimes when I open the shop in the morning, I find nose prints on the windows where people have stopped to peer in during the evening,” Denise observes. “The photographs are beautiful: bald eagles on the beach, elk in the estuary. But when people discover that they are all taken essentially within walking distance of the shop, they are amazed.” Denise soon moved the photographs to a permanent home at the front of her gallery.

When, four months later, she read about the fire that destroyed the offices of North Coast Land Conservancy in Seaside, she was moved to help the land trust that Neal founded and that plays a key role in preserving a landscape that inspires many of the artists she represents. Fairweather now donates 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of PacificLight Images photographs to North Coast Land Conservancy - more than $4,000 in 2013 alone - an arrangement she plans to continue through 2014 and beyond.

NCLC is grateful for Denise’s generosity. Be sure to stop by the gallery, at 612 Broadway in Seaside.

Cards for a Good Cause

Several stores on the North Coast are selling North Coast Land Conservancy’s note cards and postcards, all featuring wildlife photographed on the northern Oregon coast. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales go to benefit NCLC.

In Seaside fairweather house & gallery, Pig 'N Pancake, Hillcrest Inn and Seaside Visitors Bureau.

A message from NCLC Treasurer

“It’s been amazing to see how our supporters have made it possible for NCLC to grow through my years so far as treasurer.

“Conservation opportunities within our service area are numerous, and as long as we have funding for a skilled staff to carry them out, we can continue this great work in perpetuity.

“Thank you to our contributors for ensuring Oregon’s unique coastal legacy. Let’s keep it going!” * Includes $1,878,066 in newly protected land value.

Ron Logan, NCLC Treasurer