melissa jander

Melissa Jander

Melissa Jander is an artist working out of her studio in the Seattle area, and was born in Portland, OR, and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Melissa began painting and creating as far back as she can remember, but practicality dictated another career path.

After working in the business world as a graphic designer and in other professional marketing roles, she began seriously pursuing her art in 2001, working in oils and acrylics on canvas.

She joined local art groups and participated in juried group and solo shows, art fairs, and artist-in-action demos. Current art associations include OPA, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, Plein Aire Washington Artists, and Northwest Artists in Action.

"I try to create art that engages the viewer through the bold use of color, expressive brushstrokes, and layered textures. I am deeply inspired by the beauty all around us here in the Northwest, and I am compelled to respond to it with paint. Inspiration may come from the imperfect and rugged beauty of a rocky coastline and its crashing waves, or from the dancing luminescent blooms blowing in a field of flowers. I try to be as expressive with paint and color as possible, while still staying fairly representational."

"I love to offer the viewer an opportunity to engage in a familiar subject while still leaving room to wander, play, and fill in the gaps of interpretation. Painting this way gives me such joy, and I’m delighted to share it whenever possible.”

Bird’s Eye View” 12x12 in. oil

Melissa Jander Melissa Jander Melissa Jander Melissa Jander Melissa Jander Coastal Sonatina” 16x20 Flowers and Ocean View 20x16 Gracia Grace 16x16 Seaside Moment 20x16 Sueño Dream 16x16 Artful Bouquet 10x8 in. oil Catch A Wave 14x11 in. oil Early Blooming Tulips 12x12 in. oil “Lilies of the Valley” 8x8 in. oil Orchid Blooms 10x8 in. oil Rialto Study III” 8x8 in. oil Rialto Study II 8x8 in. oil Forte Cresemdo