lee munsell

Lee Munsell

Lee Munsell is a West Coast resident and studied art at the Otis Art Institute. His work graces the walls of corporations, churches, and private residences throughout the United States. His life is a balance of church, family, art, surfing...in that order.

Munsell is a Luminist, as he explores a range of naturalistic subject matter with a sensitive eye for varying degrees of luminosity. He takes on the more difficult subjects of water, its weight, and its under tow in the tidal current.

The art critic William Havlicek wrote: " Munsell uses nuances of light to create transcendent evocations. At a time when excess is a great temptation for an artist, it is refreshing to find an individual like Munsell who embraces time-honored tradition and then attempts the difficult. He may approach a silent mountain terrain where clouds and light are as much the subjects of the work as are the peaks, rivers, and strong pines. Munsell explores the profundity of water and light, presenting a shimmering work on rocks, or a glow of luminosity in backlit waves. Taking the effects of light is his way of expressing a belief in a supernatural origin for the natural universe. He seeks to convey the timeless and lasting effects of creation".

"One gets the feeling that Munsell wants to communicate more about his subject than paint alone can suggest. Munsell's works have a staying power which gains the more the works are experienced."

His collectors include The Catalina Research Center, Marmac Corporate Engineering, World Art Publishing, the Lairmont estate, and many others.

Artist's statement: "There is a design to the world and cosmos around us. There are lessons in everything created."

His recent art works have been selected for the Laguna Festival of the Arts, a sought after juried show, in addition, Lee will participate in the Pageant of the Masters in 2012. His work is exhibited in selected galleries throughout the United States including a one man how at the World Art Gallery in Orange County. He has traveled throughout the world to gather insights, takes photographs and does pencil sketches that allow him to take the inspiration for new work later in his studio along the Pacific Coast. Along the Oregon shore, Munsell art works are found at fairweather house & gallery, Seaside.

July 1st thru August 30th Lee will be at the Laguna Festival of the Arts in Laguna beach California.


Lee recently completed a commissioned work he calls "The Ancient of Days" a three panel landscape of an old tree in the sunset. 5ft high x 12ft long.

Lee also recently served as a juror for the Realism Art Contest of 2011 in "My Art Contest" an online art contest in various categories.

He has also been interviewed last year by Artist Portfolio Magazine see: http://issuu.com/artistportfoliomagazine/docs/issue2

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