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Camerla Newstead

Carmela Newstead, artist

Previously showing at the Larson Gallery in Yakima, Washington, a gallery dedicated to supporting artists who are teachers from the Yakima College, Carmela has selected specific original works of art for her on-going exhibitions fairweather house & gallery. She and her husband have a summer home in Gearhart, Oregon. She has been a frequent guest of honor during the Art Walk events at Fairweather’s.

Carmela’s family moved from Chicago from New York, leaving a huge Italian family from which they have never broken their deep ties. After earning a degree in Education and then teaching, she married and moved to many different states. She had already been studying art at the University of Iowa and continued with private instructors in California while living there. In Yakima, attending the Yakima College, she reaped life-long art benefits from R. K. Smith’s and Robert Fisher’s skilled instruction.

Since then, Carmela has attended Pratt School of Art in Seattle and numerous workshops including those of Margarette Olson Fletcher and Zolton Szabo.

Over the years she has been a visiting art professor in the Yakima school District and has had private students both children and adults. Carmela has received numerous awards in juried shows. She has been in many solo exhibits and group exhibits throughout Washington, Oregon and California.

  © Carmela Newstead 2013

  Artist's statement:

  "Life's challenges are like climbing mountains

  Look ahead, to the sky, to the birds

  Don't fall back into the sea."

#12  _Morning Crest  Oil     30x40    Morning speaks to me of hope and energy and new possibilities.  Each bright day is new and will be as rich as i make it.

untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled Trees raising their arms to the sky,  reaching for the heavens, just like us. $900.  To be part of the universe  as a storm reaches down to the earth puts me at one with nature, in this case the Cowiche Canyon Trail,  part of the William O. Douglas Memorial trail in Storm nite,  in  Yakima, Washington.