Coast artist storms the New York art scene

NEW YORK - The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts has selected "Approaching Storm," an original oil seascape painting by Carol Thompson, to be used for publicity for the Lincoln Center Festival 2013. The image will be used for print media, including newspapers, magazines, brochures, advertisements, and flyers, and for broadcast and online media and outdoor signage. "It is an honor to have my artwork chosen for this event of many wonderful, inspired performances," said Thompson. "Seeing one of my paintings associated with such a prestigious event is one of the highlights of my career."

Thompson is a Northwest artist with an international reputation who lives on the coast of Washington state. She has been painting Northwest coastal scenes in oil for more than 40 years. "Some of my happiest times at the seashore have been just before a storm," she said. "The air seems heavy, laden with the perceived power of wind-driven rain. Skies are darker, more intense, as the last vestige of sunlight is nearly obscured. This oil painting depicts one such moment in time on the Pacific Coast of the Northwest, just before the weather front unleashes its full fury. Then, people and animals and shore birds seek shelter to wait out the torrents of rain and the lashing of the wind from the ‘approaching storm'."

Thompson's work can be seen at:

Bay Avenue Gallery
1306 Bay Ave.
Ocean Park, WA

fairweather house & gallery
612 Broadway
Seaside, OR


Washington coast artist storms the New York art scene