vanessa k stokes

Venessa K Stokes

Vanessa K. Stokes was introduced at Fairweather’s when she was fifteen, as an artist to watch. An emerging artist is someone who is in the early stage of their career, someone who has caught the eye of an art critic and/or gallery.

Vanessa K. Stokes is an emerging self-taught Oregon artist. Since childhood, she has always had her nose in a book and hands creating art. She creates her art from her at-home art studio and office and she finds Oregon's rain especially calming and inspiring.

She loves exploring any artistic tool she can get her hands on and uses a blend of watercolor, pencils, pens, and ink to create her art.

“It is an honor to be part of the family of artists of Fairweather Gallery, not only because of its importance on the coast but, most importantly, for the professionalism and warmth in assisting me on my emerging art journey.”

Inspiration quote:
"Get hopelessly lost in the art you make. Go down for days and come out on the other side with scrapes and bruises and a masterpiece." - Ariel Bloomer

vanessa k stokes

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vanessa k stokes vanessa k stokes vanessa k stokes