mary bottita

The best jewelry pieces tell a story, and even the newest pieces can have elements with intriguing history. Unique gemstone combinations arrive daily. The artist, truly, appreciates nature’s diversity and beauty.

Authentic, natural, deep-blue aquamarine crystals, grass-green tourmaline, and mossy labradorite form the basis for favorite new collections this spring season.

About gemstones:

Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for seawater, and it was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. The best gems combine high clarity with limpid transparency and blue to slightly greenish-blue hues.

Tourmaline gems change color when viewed at different angles. Gemstone jewelry designers take this into account with Tourmaline, so that the finished gem brings out its best color.

Labradorite is a remarkable gemstone named after its original place of discovery in Labrador, Canada. It has since been found in Finland, Norway, Madagascar, and Australia. Inuit legends state that the Northern Lights shone down on the shores of Labrador and were captured inside these colorful stones.

"Jewelry making is a passion, I work with color and semiprecious stones. I create wearable, luxurious pieces. I try to be imaginative and unique with my ideas. My favorite materials to work with are sterling silver, semiprecious stones, and pearls." - Mary Bottita


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Mary also creates Folding Book Art. A Book can tell a story in many ways. Mary loves working with her customers to use books to tell their personal stories. Whether it be their names, initials, a meaningful word, or a special date. I fold the pages and make their story come alive. Each book is made carefully by folding individual pages of a book to form a word or image, number anything is possible Mary is a native Oregonian.



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