Seaside Library Foundation Board formed

Seaside Libary Foundation Board

The foundation board members, selected by Esther Moberg, Seaside Library director, with the assistance of the library board and the Friends of the Library, are pictured: Neal Maine, Karen Emmerling, Lois Fitzpatrick, Marian Rose, Denise Fairweather, Lois Larson, and Jeremy Rust.

The newly formed Seaside Library Foundation Board is preparing to get to work supporting the long-term viability of the Seaside Public Library.

By Katherine Lacaze | Seaside Signal

The Seaside Library Foundation Board, created to support the long-term growth and sustainability of the Seaside Public Library, is up and running.

Board members, who will manage the newly formed Seaside Library Foundation, were selected at the end of September. The group held a meet-and-greet party in the library’s community room Wednesday for Seaside Library Board members, Friends of the Library, and city officials.

The foundation board will begin to meet regularly in November.

“The whole purpose of this is to support long-term viability for the library,” said Esther Moberg, Seaside Library director.

While the Friends of the Library supports the library’s regular daily programs and services, the foundation will handle major, long-term investments for the library. Moberg told the Seaside City Council, which approved the foundation’s formation in May, that the foundation’s objectives would be:

  • To create long-term sustainable support for the library’s capital projects and long-term goals.
  • To create a nonprofit 501(c)3 group for larger donations and living trusts
  • To provide a long-term fund for library donors that is not co-mingled with other city funds.
  • The library’s donors can choose to give to either the Friends of the Library or the foundation, depending on which mission they prefer to support. The two groups, however, along with the library board, will work together and support each other’s effort in a noncompetitive manner, Moberg said.

The foundation does not yet have 501(c)3 status, Moberg said. It has started preparing to apply and will complete the application when the foundation board begins its meetings.

“We have all our ducks in the row,” Moberg said.

The foundation board members, selected by Moberg with the assistance of the library board and the Friends of the Library, are Denise Fairweather, Marian Rose, Neal Maine, Jeremy Rust, Lois Larson, Lois Fitzpatrick, and Karen Emmerling. Board member terms have not been set at this point.

Moberg will act as a facilitator of the group and a liaison between the foundation and other library groups.

The U.S. Bank gave the foundation a $1,000 grant in 2013 to help pay for initial start-up costs. “We’re very excited to have it started,” Moberg said.

November 3, 2014