toni avery

Toni Avery is an artist working primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Her images reflect the range and diversity of the surrounding landscapes.

After receiving her Arts degree from Marylhurst University, Toni worked as a Design Consultant but was never far from her love of painting and photography.

Toni’s artwork is included in a number of private collections, and can be seen in many public collections, as well, such as Kaiser Permanente’s “Healing Artwork Collection,” on display throughout their medical office system including the Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, Oregon and is also featured in their 2013 publication, “Tranquil Relief Through Nature.”

Artist Statement:

The artist experiences life and records her place in those experiences. This knowledge is both individual and distinctive. My paintings begin where memory and emotion merge and this is where my creativity is born.

During long childhood summers, I became connected “to” and a part “of” the outdoors. I would study the way the light played off of the leaves or how the rolling hills turned a deep gold; the way the wind would create waves in the tall grass and how the shadows faded to blue and purple in the late afternoon sun.

Something inside me wants to recapture those times and I believe that is why I am fascinated by the contrast and color there may be in a shadow, or the defining opposition of a streak of light cutting through the cool darkness of the shade; the world at its most basic level. I find the greatest joy in color, texture, shadow, and light. Not perfection, but rather imperfections, limitations, and nuances that bring meaning.

I've come to appreciate that recognizing an object and knowing it are quite different. Trying to capture the essence of one's connection to a thing, a place or a person allows it to transform into more... something unique to the artist. Whether it’s an overgrown field, a shaded path, an abandoned building, or a broken fence line.

My paintings are an echo of times past and of things that never change; a reflection in a stream or shaded pathway can remind us of our experiences surrounded by nature’s wonder or its fragile future.

My work is not seeking perfection, but rather glimpsing the beauty of the commonplace.

This is a sample of my work, my experiences, my translation of life.
-Toni Avery

Painting by Toni Avery

Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery Painting by Toni Avery