bev drew kindley

Beverly Drew Kindley Artist's statement: "I'm a native Oregonian who paints to understand and enjoy the inspiration of unique moments of light and weather. My impressionistic works of art are to be viewed as visual celebrations, connecting with light, color, form, texture, and design. It's my way of communicating with the world. My hope is to encourage the appreciation and protection of our heritage and world. ~Bev Drew Kindley

Learning to paint has been an ongoing process since I first began drawing, with further education from Portland State University, Portland Community College, and individual workshops...I have been always curious and fascinated with the power of the individual to create.

Exhibiting throughout Oregon, as well as painting the coastal areas, has encouraged my productivity, and experimenting with different media-- oil, gouache, watercolor, pastel, and others.

I have taught painting classes and worked in the art business for quite some time. At present, my greater enthusiasm is painting "en plein air", a French term, meaning to paint working outdoors, and capturing the light without a short time frame because of the immediacy of the experience, as well as the abundance of visual information along with the possibility of sudden breakthroughs in methods due to improvising.

All of my recent work begins with the experience of the real location, later finished in the studio, oftentimes with the aid of sketches and photos of the location."


Portland State University, degrees in Art and Philosophy
Portland Community College, a degree in Art
Independent studies and workshops, including Al Brouilette

Beverly Drew Kindley

Finding The Way Towards Gearhart Sunset Shore