Q & A with: Denise Fairweather
The Daily Astorian
AARON FIEDLER PHOTO | Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2013 12:48 am

Denise Fairweather

How long have you lived on the North Coast?

I'm in my 10th year of being a full time resident. We honeymooned here, in fact the hotel, the Oceanfront Inn is still on the prom. The room rate was $6 per night in the late 60's. And, too, our family has had a beach cabin in Long Beach for several generations.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time here?

I joke, but it's true, I garden with a steak knife. It's my respite, my silence, my true zen- time. I enjoy walking about the garden and see who's visiting and who's not supposed to be taking root there. I have a three-quarters of an acre lot, and said, you know what, I'm going to divide and plant what's native here rather than keeping up a golf course type of lawn. So little by little the garden has reverted back to a natural habitat. I enrolled in the master gardener program to become more aware of what works here along the coast.

How long have you owned fairweather house & gallery? It celebrated its seventh year in March.

What do you enjoy most about owning the store?

The theater. The action, the plot lines. I never know what's in the door during the day, it's like a live stage show. Artists and visitors. The lady in the store now, I've known her for 50 years and she just brought in her summer visitors to see me. The store has become a destination of sorts. The fact that people bring other people in... that energy feeds me. And, too, I say, I have at any given time, 140 personalities, 140 artists to represent so I am fortunate to be able to speak for them at any time of the day. It's true theatre, don't you see?

What is your biggest challenge with the store?

I have learned that if I have tasks and chores to do that they will be done before or after hours. When the door is open, the stage is set as I have said.

There is quite a bit of interaction between guests, friends and people visiting. I find it very difficult not to get everybody involved in the action, oftentimes asking for a vote on a changing table scape or asking help if they could assist with a placement of a work of art.

And, yes, they get on board and help with the set up. It's all about fun and games and being happy in the place I call work/play.

What was the last book you read?

"The View from Lazy Point," ~by Carl Safina. Every word, in my opinion, like written dessert. The author a scientist-biologist and wrote it beautifully. I recommend the book highly, in fact, have shared the book with fellow artists. It spoke to me.

What is your favorite event on the North Coast?

I enjoy the Hood to Coast relay the best. Now I have heard from others that they ask for the weekend off to stay away from Seaside, yet, I truly love the activity, energy and vibe.

Our daughter ran in the first Seaside Hood to Coast in the late 80's, and we still have family running today. We get a hoot to have her children, my grandchildren run across the finish line on the day before the race, on Friday.

The grandchildren are varsity cross country runners in Seattle and are looking forward to running in their mother's steps someday. I'm down on the finish line Saturday after work, with alot of tears and cheers for the runners. Everyone is so happy to be in Seaside.