denise's favorites

A walk about with my fur people, the three greyhounds, Lovie II, Dovie, and Divine.
Doing the "beep-beep" microwave song
and dance with Birdie Boy, the cockatiel.
Making and sharing music
on my Knabe Grand.
My family, friends and neighbors who
make me feel happy, balanced and safe.
The energizing and physical
work of gardening.
Fresh Flowers


Denise doesn't follow trends, she sets them. She trusts her instincts. She loves anything with history and soul then reinvents it. Denise is confident, quirky and inspiring. She sees life as one big treasure hunt and she's got the map. Quote: "When do you know your calling? I have no answers, but whether talent for the arts is born or made, my goal is to enthuse with passion."