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Gregory BellGregory Bell is a native to the Pacific Northwest. He was a student of the Oregon College of Art and Craft where he pursued studies in ceramics. He has expressed himself visually through acrylic and oil painting, ceramic sculpture and even candle making. He became a student of kiln cast glass through the Bullseye Glass Resource Center and found a new voice to his work. He is a problem-solver and enjoys the challenge of relating his point of view through glass. His work is shown locally and he has enjoyed some success in small juried shows. Additionally, he is an accomplished writer and poet and has a home-based glass studio in Vancouver, Washington.

In his latest work, Prima, Gregory Bell explores the modern secular demands that pull people away from the religion of their past or even their present.

How, in today's world, there is never enough time - always too much to do and therefore some things of great importance and cultural/spiritual significance get set aside and begin to fade away.

Prima is a reflection of that deliberation, an aged icon of faith, devotion and love for community and spirit. Prima suggests that although the spirit may be tarnished from storage it remains ever-present in our lives - all that is required is to ask.

Artist Statement

My work is a personal journey through the dark shadows of my past. I explore the cracks and crevasses of memory and incident, evoking forgotten emotion and lost memory. In my current work I am exposing the hidden structure beneath the ‘remember’, the supporting framework of what was, of what’s lost whether for good or ill. The sculptural rendering encourages the viewer to form their own mental image of what existed before, inviting them to wrap the work in their own memories, their own past, their own shadows.

Represented by:

  • fairweather house & gallery, Seaside, OR
  • Primary Elements Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR
  • Bullseye Gallery in the Pearl, Portland, OR
  • Lawrence Galley, Sheridan, OR

New Work

New Work


Story for Prima: Encaustic over burlap over steel armature, appox 42" x 40" x 36"

Gregory Bell

Artist Gregory Bell with his industrial stone-fired ceramic art work titled: Industrial One

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