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Diana Moulder, Garden ArtistDiana Moulder, Garden Artist
Beach Blossoms

Diana Moulder, celebrated locally as the go to window box and "pot lady", is an artist gardener, whose containers are renowned for their surprise elements, such as a miniature eighteenth century reproduction iron bicycle found in the Gearhart Grocery wall planter.

For nearly 20 years, through Diana's eye, her company, Beach Blossoms, formerly known as, In The Garden, has featured plantscapes that "paint with flowers. Highlighted trademark installations have included the Gearhart Post Office, the Gearhart sidewalk planter containers and the Gearhart City Hall in addition to many, many clients throughout the coastal communities--all epitomize her stunning style and use of unforgettable combinations.

She has always provided plant designs with the emphasis on beach summertime-anytime living, oftentimes combining the mystery, and the opportunities of applying naturalized landscaping.

Diana, known as the "pot lady", collaborated with Denise Fairweather years ago in creating the contemplative window box gardens for fairweather house & gallery. Denise, a Clatsop County Master Gardener, tagged Diana's company to take the ball and the risk to create a distinctive high-style plantscape. Today, the window box gardenscape thrives throughout the seasons even though it is within walking distance from the winter's high seas and wild weather and the summer's high sidewalk traffic and fierce sunsets.

With a talent long practiced, Diana is truly attuned and confident in growing all manner of thriving things . "Her work allows us to discover more about living, about discovering, about embracing nature creatively." says Denise Fairweather.

Through Diana's extraordinary plant knowledge, her beautifully designed and colorfully arranged container gardens, her varied installations for coastal residents and businesses thrive and grow all around the area.

Garden Artist's statement:

" It often seems that what people are seeing in my garden containers is a feeling of connecting with the past and belonging in the present."

"I truly enjoy working with nature's diverse palette of textures. I strive to express a sense of play and imagination in my plantings. Lighten up--have fun. Mother Nature is beautiful--even in the rain."

Favorite quotes: "One cannot create beauty; one can only create circumstances favorable to it."
~Rainer Rilke

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!" --author unknown

"We garden because we remember paradise."

Favorite Lyrics:
"We are stardust.
We are golden.
We've got to get
ourselves back
to the garden."
~Joni Mitchell

Portable Arrangements Painting the Garden canvas a container for the season.

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